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Welcome to the International Association of Behaviour Detection and Analysis 

The IABDA is a strictly 'not for profit' organisation

The Association

Our aim is to support the Behaviour Detection and Analysis industry through the advancement of understanding, recognition and standards.

By providing a platform to serve the interests of individuals and organisations engaged in the field, we seek to further the development of practices both operationally and academically across the globe.

As a UK registered private company limited by guarantee without share capital, IABDA is a not-for-profit organisation.


The Association

The International Association of Behaviour Detection and Analysis was formed by behaviour detection officers with the aim to drive up standards in the industry and to establish an internationally recognised professional body who can further advance the standards and sciences in relation to behavioural detection, analysis and awareness and help regulate a previously unregulated industry.

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To work with academics and experienced practitioners to develop research into the science and best practice in relation to behavioural detection, analysis and awareness.  


To develop and enhance the abilities of behaviour detection officers.


To set the standards and best practice of behaviour detection officers internationally so when a behaviour detection officer who is an active member of the IABDA is deployed in the USA or Australia, you will get the same standard of officer. 



To set the standards and guidelines internationally in relation to the deployment, training, research and accreditation of behaviour detection officers.

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