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A resourceful and tenacious Security, Compliance and Behavioural Detection Specialist with the capabilities to drive organisations forward. Over 10 years experience of working within both the public and private sector, having previously worked for the NHS, Metropolitan Police and Gatwick Airport, currently working for UK Central Government as part of the Department for Transport (DfT). Capable of utilising wealth of skills across risk analysis and management, safeguarding, business case presentation, senior management support and stakeholder engagement. Acknowledged by peers as a professional who repeatedly goes above and beyond role objectives, possesses excellent leadership skills and who has gained ongoing recognition for determination, drive and ability to very quickly adapt to new environments with the experience that would enhance any forward thinking organisation.

A history of providing Behavioural Detection services to the aviation industry, law enforcement and large entertainment events, including the Super Bowl in the USA. A strong advocate for Behavioural Detection within all industries that are vulnerable to terrorism, criminality and espionage.

A professional who is able to use psychological knowledge and concept to improve business practices, security and related aspects within different industries. Constantly working towards furthering own knowledge, with the aim of completing a PhD and specialising in Defence and Security Psychology.

✔Graduate member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS).

✔BSc (Honours) in Forensic Psychology Upper Second Class (2:1).

✔Member of the International Association of Behavioural Detection and Analysis (IABDA).

✔CPNI approved PASS Behavioural Detection Practitioner.

✔RFX (Recognition of Firearms and Explosives) Instructor.

✔Transport security specialist with significant experience working within the Land (Rail/Bus), Aviation and Maritime sectors.

✔Behavioural Detection Specialist with experience of working within the transport, retail and entertainment industries.

✔Strong experience of leading security teams and improving best practice within organisations.

✔Compliance Inspector with strong knowledge of relevant transport legislation (i.e. International Ship and Port Security Code, Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990, Ship and Port Facility Security Regulations 2004, (EC) 725/2004).

✔Experience of conducting presentations relating to transport security, behavioural detection and psychological theory, within domestic and international venues.


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