accredited  companies

The following companies have been accredited by IABDA as their training courses and or the training their company has received has been reviewed by IABDA and meets the criteria agreed by IABDA. They abide by IABDA's regulations and core values.

All of these companies are bound by IABDA's regulations and core values and are subject to spot checks and secret student attendances by our staff on the training courses they have submitted to be accredited by IABDA. This is to make sure they continue to comply with the information submitted to and witnessed by IABDA and to confirm they continue to comply with the standards set by and core values of IABDA. 

Benefits of becoming an accredited training company with IABDA

•    Use of IABDA logo on your website and in your course material 
•    Have your logo on our website with a link to your site (Accredited deployment company or training company)
•    Anyone completing the course you have submitted can apply to be a member of IABDA at the stated level
•    You will receive a company certificate of accreditation from IABDA as an accredited deployment company of accredited training company
•    You will receive access to our membership area of our website and access to IABDA forum
•    Advertise for free on our website
•    Submit articles to be placed on our website, social media and in our quarterly newsletter for free
•    Receive  our quarterly newsletter
•    Receive offers and discounts for IABDA Webinars, Conferences, Exhibitions, AGM, Members days and Behavioural Analysis Conferences
•    Exclusive access to the IABDA Academic panel
•    Exclusive access to the IABDA Practitioner Panel

If you would like to become an accredited deployment company or accredited training company of IABDA, please email our membership team at info@iabda.org with your enquiry.